Whether it's for early finisher, centers/stations, or homework kindergarten & first graders need to know how to learn & practice skills independently.

Having the right activities


Having the right systems in place


And you don't have time because...

No Time To Waste? Get The Early Finisher Solution - Like Right Now

You're Busy

Doing It All...

angie kantorowicz with finger on chin looking peeved

Teaching ALL the subjects to ALL the students with ALL the programs. Then in your "spare" time you are lesson planning, prepping, organizing and teaching - along with communicating with students, parents, admin and peers.

Oh, and I almost forgot- don't forget to practice good selfcare so you don't burn out...

(PS report cards are due this week along with the self evaluation and the 4 IEP meetings you have to go to.... and don't forget your bus duty... did you pee today? PPS testing is coming up and you need to do a review and reteach the last 6 weeks in 4 days to get them ready. And hey, don't forget to have good communication with parents/guardians.)

You Need Your Students To Be Independent

Why? So you can do small group instruction without being interrupted. So you can do individualized testing without being interrupted. So you can help struggling students without being interrupted. So you can do all sorts of teacher things.... (you guessed it) WITHOUT BEING INTERRUPTED. (OMG they'd follow you into the bathroom if you let them)



There Is A Solution... (and heads up -it's easy... really easy)

How does this sound...

60+ (and GROWING) Independent Print & Play (reusable) Games PLUS The System I Used In My Classroom That Transformed My Students From Interrupting Monsters to INDEPENDENT LEARNING SUPERSTARS

Here's the Deal

It doesn't have to be time consuming or complicated or confusing.

Here's How I Know

Only Teachers Can Understand Teachers

I taught for 25 years and I've spent my fair share of time crying in the bathroom and on my way home from school because of classroom frustrations. The frustration of getting students to work independently was a BIG frustration for me.

I needed a solution to keep kids busy and learning while I taught small groups or did other teacher things- but honestly... I didn't have the time to find, prep, laminate, organize, and develop a system/routine for kids. So I just kept trying to fix the problem with lackluster band-aids that didn't really work and that had to be explained to my students again and again.

They were not independent and I WAS EXHAUSTED. (Like on the couch at 6:00 on a Friday evening, giving up fun for the comfort of my fowl smelling, hand-me-down sofa exhausted.)

Honestly I just hoped the problem would go away. (PS It doesn't go away-and a bin of books and a color sheet doesn't keep them busy for long enough... #teacherfail)

We know that kids don't get done with assignments at the same time and then they need something to do.

Kids need fun learning activities during stations/centers so that we can teach small groups.

There's just sometimes during the day that we need our students to not bug us.

We need to do a teacher thing and they need to be busy and learning

I continued to struggle and be frustrated and even considered a life as a grounds keeper at a toothpaste factory as an alternative career. (Not really but Walmart was looking pretty good.)

Until... One... Day...

Until One Day... It Was Math Time And I Was About To


Watch The Video Below To Hear the Story-

No way I'm typing it all out... I'd get hand fatigue.

What If..

What if you went to school tomorrow knowing:

  • You could challenge ALL your students academically (And they would like it)
  • You would spend your lunchtime eating (using the restroom... gasp... teachers pee?- only when they have time)and talking with teacher friends instead of finding, prepping, and organizing materials
  • You wouldn't hear the words "Teacher, I'm done. Now what?"
  • You had differentiate instruction materials/games for ALL your students (And they would like it... Hummm I'm seeing a pattern)
  • You could look across your classroom during station time and see kids actually working and learning and having fun... AND NOT BUGGING YOU. (Cue the music-happy dance- now if we could just get your admin in to see the awesomeness that's happening... nah they never come in when things are amazing.)

Bottom Line...

You Need The Early Fisher Solution


What is the Early Finisher Solution?

EFS is a simple system (because I don't do complicated... I'll save that for raising teenagers... Oh Lord!!)and low prep bundle of games.

Here's a quick view and then we'll get a super duper close look at it.

The Simple 2 Part Solution

Step-by-Step Training


I Want The Early Finisher Solution

What's In The Early Finisher Solution??

EFS Part 1

Super Fast Training Videos-

In Less Than An Hour Find Out How To Transform Your Students Into Independent Superstars

Video 1-Why?

Admin always wants to know "why?" Here's what you tell them.

Watch A Clip

Video 2-What?

What makes a good independent or early finisher activity. The answer might surprise you.

Video 3-How?

The step-by-step system and starter activities to teach kids to be independent superstars.

EFS Part 2

Print & Play Games

(Remember This Is A Growing Bundle Of Games So As Games Are Added The Price Increases. Save money by getting EFS today.)

Kids can't be independent unless you give them something fun to do.

So give them something fun to do.

60+ Print & Play Games

Choose between Reading or Math,

Done For You or Editable,

Color or Blackline.

Games Galore And More To Come:

  • 30+ Reading Games
  • 30+ Math Games
  • Scroll Down To See All The Games
Get Your Free Sample Game Here

EFS Game + Directions Video= Easy At Home Activity

Remember each game also comes with a directions video. Why is this so handy? The directions video makes it easy for you to send home games for a distance learning or homework. Parents and kids can watch the video to get exact directions. You don't have to explain. (This is going to be a GIGANTIC time saver for you. And parents are going to love it too.)

Click the button below to see an example of a directions video. You have a choice between a unlisted YouTube link or a SafeLink. (A safelink is a private link that doesn't direct kids to YouTube.)

Videos Included:

  • Step-by-Step Directions
  • Easily Share With Students & Parents 
  • YouTube & SafeLink Options

Fast Prep-Get Your Free Time Back

These games are print and play. NO SMALL PIECES. If you have a dry erase marker, pencil/paper clip spinner and an object to move around a game board you are golden. I HATE making games with little pieces. The pieces get lost, destroyed, and are time consuming to organize. Remember this is a simple solution.

EFS Game Advantage:

  • Print & Play 
  • No Small Pieces
  • Only 6 Items Needed To Play

Do You Love Editable Games? Me Too.

Editable games are THE BEST. Why? Because they make it so easy to differentiate and target specific skills.

Editable game in EFS are so simple to edit. If you've never used an editable game then a short bonus video is provided to show you exactly what you need to do.

Editable Games:

  • Editable Reading & Math Games 
  • How To Customize You Editable Game- Video
  • Makes Differentiation Easy & Fast

Enough Chit-Chat... Let's Look At The Games And More

*Game Requests Are Part Of EFS- Simply Fill Out The Form Under The "Resources" Tab In The Members Area*

Watch This Site Tour Video To See IT ALL.

Math Games

Are you ready for a Solution?

Start using EFS in your classroom today.

Teacher Experts

Amie Trudnowski

Instructional Coach

McKenzie Reyant

First-Grade Teacher


First-Grade Teacher


I want YOU here.

Teacher Friend Testimonials

"Angie's resources are made with a busy, conscientious, and passionate teacher in mind. Her website could also be called Making The Essentials Fun because all of the resources cover essential materials you'll use to get your students where they need to be, AND, here's where the magic is, they will have a smile on their faces while learning! My kids love it and so will yours. Win/Win! Thank you Angie, keep it coming."

Amie Trudnowski - Instructional Coach

"I have always enjoyed receiving supporting resources and ideas from Angie. She makes things that are easy and ready to incorporate into my classroom. My first-graders always enjoy the activities."

Renae Myers - First Grade Teacher

"I've been a huge fan of Angie since the start of my teaching career. She's been one of my biggest influences when it comes to hands-on and student direct learning. She's creative and makes things that hit specific skills that require limited prep, but most importantly, she finds a way to keep them engaging for kids. Her extensive experience working with primary kids is evident in the activities she creates and the ideas she has. Anytime I'm looking for a fresh idea or something to bring a new energy into my room, I turn to Angie for help!"

McKenzie Reyant - First Grade Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Early Finisher Solution Right For Me?

  • If you are a busy K-1 or homeschool teacher and you want your students to be independent for part of their day, then the Early Finisher Solution is for you.
  • If you like to quickly prep a game once and playing it over and over then the Early Finisher Solution is right for you.
  • If you need to teach small group or individual students without being interrupted then the Early Finisher Solution is right for you.
  • If you have a small budget and want a lot of high quality games at a bargain price then the Early Finisher Solution is right for you.

Do I Need To Be A Public/Private School Teacher To Use The Early Finisher Solution?

No. Although most people who have purchased EFS are certified teachers, you could be a homeschool parent, an after school program provider, or grandparent or aunt/uncle who has cool learning games available for the busy (but bored) minds you are responsible for.

How Much Does The Early Finisher Solution Cost?

Well that depends on when you buy it. As games are added the price goes up. If you were to buy these games on my TpT store they would be in the hundreds of dollars. Click Today's Price to see how much it is today.

Is There A Refund Policy?

I know this is crazy but there is a refund policy. If you find that the EFS is not for you, I will refund your money within 48 hours of purchase. (Just send me an email with your name and the email you signed up under and a brief explanation of why you didn't like it and I will refund your money. I will ask you to delete any files you have downloaded.)You could probably rip me off and download all the games and all the other cool stuff but I don't think you will. The EFS is more than just games. It's a whole Solution & Support System for K-1 teachers. PLUS, the games are easily searchable and easy to find when you need them. (Did you watch the EFS Site Tour Video to see exactly how it all works?) And there's the private Facebook group, livestreams, and other bonuses that make this an extra good value. (Watch The Site Tour Video above to see it all in action.)

How Long Do I Have Access To The Early Finisher Solution?

You have access to EFS for the life of the program. That means even when new games are added you don't pay more. (I hate to break it to you but some people payed under 10.00 for the original offer.) More games are coming so get in now. AND like I said it will always be a fraction of the cost of my TpT store. I won't be doing any bundles over there.

These special prices are ONLY found here.

What If I Have Questions Or Need Support?

Once enrolled you’ll receive information from me (Angie) on how best to contact me via email for questions about EFS. You will also be able to submit and ask questions during the live weekly office hours sessions on Facebook and through our private Facebook community.

Are you ready for EFS?